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The St. Albans Series

The 'St. Albans Series' is my most recent project. Started in November 2021. It features some of the well known land marks in and around the marvelous city of St. Albans in Hertfordshire. These include Verulanium Park and views of the Abbey, Batchwood Hall and The Alban Way.

Verulanium Park 2.jpg
Verulianium Park.jpg
Alban Way Smallford Bridge 2.jpg
Batchwood Avenue of Trees 2.jpg
The Alban Way Smallford Bridge.jpg
Batchwood Avenue of Trees.jpg
Other Bridge.jpg
Midlands Arch.jpg
Verulanium Park Lake .jpg
Verulanium Park Lake 2 .jpg
Smallford Bridge .jpg
Smallford Bridge 2 .jpg
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