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Heartwood Forest

Heartwood Forest and Nomansland Common, (sometimes simply called No Man's Land) are both situated between Wheathampstead, Sandridge, Harpenden and just 2 miles north of St. Albans. They are popular open spaces for walking, horse riding and dog walking, as well as great places to get in tune with nature as the heathland and woodland support a wealth of rare wildlife. The common is an area of 52 acres of open space, originally used by villagers, or commoners, to graze livestock and gather firewood. Heartwood Forest is part of the Woodland Trust.

Heartwood Summer Sky1_edited.jpg
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Heartwood Summer Sky_edited.jpg
Heartwood Summer Sky 2_edited.jpg
Heartwood Forest Dec 2016_edited.jpg
Heartwood Forest Dec 2 2016_edited.jpg
Heartwood Summer Storm Sky_edited.jpg
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